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One-to-One: Gotta keep trying…

Thursday, January 26th, 2006

Miguel Guhlin writes:

Technology infusion taking place now–including one-to-one initiatives–are so much the “illusion of progress.” Instead, a more radical approach needs to be taken to curriculum. Once curriculum is reformed, then technology will fit. This is an approach that flows from a fundamental frustration with teaching and learning in education today. As such, it is doomed to fail because no one wants to change because someone else thinks they’re doing something wrong.

So, where do we begin? This entry is probably more of a ramble than a composed thought, but do we not need to begin somewhere? I am in full agreement with both Jamie McKenzie ( in his article titled Inspired Writing and Inquiry, as well as with Miguel on the need for a dramatic changed in the process that entangles our education system. Yet I also believe that it is only through tried attempts, both good and bad, that we will ever come to realize our goal of reforming curriculum.

Some of my core beliefs: 1) we must change systematically; 2) systematic change in any organization takes time - probably at least 5 years of effort towards change before systematic results are achieved; 3) we must take steps towards change every day, one person at a time.

A goal of system wide, educational reform in a short period of time is unrealistic. But, that does not mean we stop trying. After practice, failed attempts, and glimpses of success, we will begin to convince. And when that happens, reform will begin.

I am, by no means, disagreeing or challenging. We must be radical, and we must not give up hope.

For me, that is where the left lane ends…