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What if… Science and Wiki’s

Monday, May 8th, 2006

What if students, elementary through high school, were to develop their own research projects (new research, not something that every other student is doing in a science kit), and share their process and results through a wiki? Things I like about this idea: 1) it is learning for a purpose; 2) each team can work on a different research project; 3) teams can decide on what is meaningful to them, even if their topic revolves around a needed objective in the classroom; 4) the wiki component is not simply regurgitating information, but creating new knowledge and sharing it with others (and opening it up for other to contribute).

I believe this type of class project can meet classroom/state objective requirements, move students to a higher level of thinking AND work to bring relevant projects into the classroom.

What if… sketchup and math

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

I think I’ll start a new group of posts in an effort to simply list ideas that run through my brain involving the use of the computer as a tool in an effective teaching environment. They are open for feedback/criticism. These shall be called ‘What if…’. Simple. Short.

What if Sketchup was used to develop a house/building plan to solve a community problem and then actually placed in Google Earth to show the plan. Volume could be a math objective here - students could be given certain volume limitations under which they had to develop their structure. Students could design their solution, prove they met the volume limitations (there are a variety of real reasons for volume limitations), place their design on Google Earth and even present to a city official or recieve feedback from a city official.

What if…