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TCEA Robotics Competition

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006

We had a great robotics competition at TCEA this year. Student in two different divisions performed a ‘disaster recovery’ mission by clearing Spam out of their area and rescuing survivors (Coke cans) into their area. For detailed rules, click here.

Not only did students work to develop a robot that could compete in this arena, head-to-head competition, they also participated in a discussion board. Within this environment of questions and dialogue, they prepared for the competition.

The second part of our competition was an Inventions portion. Teams who entered into the inventions competition developed their own invention and built it out of LEGO Mindstorm’s kit. They are judged on their invention, programming of their invention and presentation of their product to the judges.

Interested? Take a look at the videos below:

videoTCEA Robotics - Arena Competition 2006

videoTCEA Robotics - Inventions Competition 2006


Saturday, February 4th, 2006

Well, we’ve been preparing non-stop for being gone to TCEA this coming week. The state robotics competition, which Irving ISD coordinates, is on Monday this year. We’ll be going down Sunday to setup. Want to watch? We’ll attempt a live webcast.

You’ll have to use Internet Explorer for this one folks (sorry, Firefox users!). We should begin broadcasting sometime around 8:00 Monday morning.

I’ll post some reflections as the week progresses and am able to attend sessions, although I don’t plan on ‘documenting’ my experience extensively. A good part of the convention can be found online, so I’ll work to just focus my experiences towards what is applicable here on LLE.