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Sketchup - free 3D modeling

Friday, April 28th, 2006

Pretty cool stuff, and you can integrate it with Google Earth! Take a few minutes (thats all it takes) to build your own 3D house -

You just may get hooked… now, for the curriculum connections!


Oh, man - this thing is SO cool! You have a tape measure, protractor, plane selector. Math people are gonna drool, and there are all kinds of other curriculum possibilities. Be sure to go through the 3 walk-through tutorials. I NEVER thought I would enjoy 3D design, but this software is really smart!!!

Ok, I’ve gotta go finish the 3rd tutorial now!

Google Earth Uses

Thursday, February 2nd, 2006

Dean Shareski writes about geography lesson ideas on his blog and says:

So there’s the challenge. Get your kids to dig into these tools and their value and post the findings.

Here’s one…Sam Farsaii, Director of Instructional Technology for Irving ISD, presented a way to use Google Earth the other day. Google Earth has a built in measurment tool. Why not locate a local landmark and compare its length/size/area to another well known landmark - a sphinx, for instance. Not only do students compare the two objects, but they almost literally fly around the world and develop concepts about global locations, continents and worldly perspective as they do so. This one little tool has so many great applications and is only a slice of the limitless application of Google Earth.

…just don’t tell your networking department about it’s constant bandwith consumption…

Oh, and if anyone can find a Left Lane Ends sign - mark it and send me the latitude/longitude so I can pull it up. People have found fly cars - someone’s GOT to be looknig for where the left lane ends…