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eMints: Self Awareness

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

Self Awareness: it’s such an easy thing to preach, and such a hard thing to do. In talking about coaching, we have been discussing the concept of being aware of ones own body language, positioning, etc. While this is an important concept for coaching strategies, it is virtually impossible to ‘flip on’ your self awareness switch in specific environments - self awareness must be practiced all day, every day. I fail each day.

Here are a few resources that might be useful:

Fred Jones has a classroom management program that changed my life (literally) the first year I taught. A big part of his thoughts focus on body language and self awareness. My father, a professor of Psychology at a college in Kansas, called me one day to ask about the techniques he remembered me describing as used in my 4th grade classroom - he was having trouble with some students in his college courses! I walked him through the steps, and he reported that they worked well…ha! It’s funny how humans respond across all different levels. Here are some great little pieces from Fred Jone’s thoughts:

  • Adrenaline increases metabolism - nervous energy
  • When you run out of adrenaline you feel the exhaustion
  • It takes 27 minutes for adrenaline to clear the bloodstream. (i.e. Two upsets per hour with your kids keep you stressed all day.)
  • Calm is Strength, Upset is Weakness

    Meaning business is mostly body language

    Simply reading a presentation handout (this isn’t the one I read, but has many of the same concepts) was enough for me - this was my first immersment into self awareness in the classroom. Realizing the power of self awareness, I started to apply it to other areas of my life. It is a continual struggle - we are SO egocentric as human beings!

    Now, I don’t want to simply put together resources that i have searched for and found (YOU can do that), so here is one last one from my blogroll. The Self Development Network is a great read, and helps with the daily focus. Give it a shot and see what results you find.

    Lastly, I have found meditation (centering prayer, specifically) to have the most impact on my self awareness. The great thing is that when you take time to center yourself daily (which I haven’t been doing latley), the effects naturally roll over into all other aspects of your life. This truly has impact great impact, and I am a firm believer that meditation (either within the context of a religion or without) is one of the most important tools in developing self awareness.
    Maybe one day I’ll be self aware of where I am at and if I am even located where the left lane ends…