Global warming and why we have to ’suck it up’ as educators

So, I was listening to KERA yesterday (our local Public Radio station) to a program produced here in Dallas called ‘The Talk Show’. Rather, I should say, I was listening to a podcast of this show (while running - I LOVE on-demand content!) which was about global warming, the polar ice-caps and many topics related. The guest was explaining that Global warming, to scientists, is not theory, a doctoral dissertation, or hypothesis. It is fact. The evidence is solid. Global warming is happening, and we are causing it.

This is not what surprised me, however. What surprised me was that the audience that listens to KERA and calls in to these shows is typically very educated and well versed in being balanced when looking at an issue. What shocked me was that most of the callers to this particular show were playing devil’s advocate, asking questions that clearly demonstrated their mistrust in the issues revolving around global warming, and seemed to be (in large part) in denial of a problem that is clearly not in question.

It baffles me that, in a world where information is so prevalent, a society can be so ill-informed (i have a post in the queue directly relating to this!). This show simply reinforced my belief that we must teach our kids to think, to search out information, to DO something with it, to inform themselves and to search out other perspectives. It has become SO easy to do this in today’s world - why do we resist so vehemently!?

David Warlick , in his blog ‘2 Cents Worth’, states:

I believe that it is time that we stop hiding behind our immigrant status, and start acting like natives. We need to stop making excuses and start leading. We are teachers, after all. It’s our job to lead, not follow. Sure, we’ll never be able to keep up with our kids in lots of ways. They have the luxury of time and their brain cells are fresher. But it is our job to look into the future and then plan and lead the way for our children.

You may say, “but who’s going to teach me to do that?” That’s an immigrant question. Natives teach themselves. They work with each other to grow their knowledge and skills. We’ve got to figure this out!

The answer is not an easy one, but it IS clear. Read, learn, develop yourself, take initiative, be passionate and dedicate yourself to a path of hard, grueling work.

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    You might be interested in the following links… they go along with your post. :)

  2. jfroese Says:

    Yeah, I caught that first link on the radio - mind you, I wake up to NPR as my alarm, I bass out to NPR in the car, and listen to it at home when I’m making dinner…but I already have a post that I am an NPR geek.

    Love your post on e-literacy! I added some podcast links that are worth a listen…

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