1:1 Classroom Management

I’ve rolled thoughts around about classroom management in a 1:1 environment for some time now. This page from our 1:1 site in Irving demonstrates 7 strategies for classroom management, supplemented by video clips of each strategy in the classroom. While the strategies are worth taking a look at, I find that those who demand the BIG RED magic ‘classroom management’ BUTTON typically are looking in the wrong place. I was joking with Chris Moersch this morning about the BIG RED BUTTON and how people just don’t realize that it isn’t about discipline management - it IS about student engagement. He looked back and got that smile he gets and said with a laugh, “yeah, they just don’t get that all it takes is hard work!”.

So, my thoughts continue on how to get teachers to see the student engagement piece … and every time I pass that link out to someone who asks about how to handle classroom management in a 1:1 environment, I am sure to tell them that this isn’t the BIG RED BUTTON that they might be searching for. You certainly won’t find THAT button out where the left lane ends.

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